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CineVibez stands at the intersection of movies and mindfulness. Roger Ebert described films as “empathy machines,” where you get to step into someone else’s shoes and see the world from their perspective. CineVibez is my little way of honoring that idea.

I love Ebert’s idea of movies being “empathy machines.” I laugh, cry, and scream often inside a theater, so I get it. Movies move and challenge me in ways that are impossible to experience IRL.

In CineVibez, you’ll find essays on how films make you feel; ie I’ll explore a movie’s vibe. But what does that mean?

Sometimes, I’ll talk about color or sound in film. Other times, I’ll talk about how films made me feel something, and how a filmmaker elicited that feeling. But almost always, my essays will relate to empathy and film in some form.

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Every Movie Has a Vibe


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